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ecofriendly paper packaging solutions
Paper-based voidfill packaging that is an ecofriendly and sustainable solution!

  • CushionPack Cardboard Shredder CushionPack Cardboard Shredder


                        Get a cardboard shredder for your business! Save money on your cardboard disposal. Create a valuable source of packing materials, replacing your bubble wrap needs. Reduce your carbon footprint ... and show your customers you care for the environment!   We have a wide range of machines to suit every purpose. Various models from €2,599.99 + VAT Lease your machine from less than €15 per week. Save money ... save the environment!   Transform waste cardboard into the perfect void fill and postage material quickly and easily with these efficient shredder machines! Businesses aiming for an eco-friendly packaging solution will love having these shredding machines as part of their team - the perfect addition! By eliminating the need to purchase bulky rolls of bubble wrap and other void fill packaging, these cardboard shredder machines are both cost-and space-saving devices. Quickly reducing your surplus cardboard into thin strips or matting, you will be provided with cost-free, recycled material for filling void spaces with parcels for extra protection of your items within.   These machines are manufactured by the well respected German company Cushion Pack.                        Five models, all freestanding, to choose from:   Shredder Models CP316S2i CP320S2i CP422S2i CP430S2i   TECHNICAL INFORMATION         Unit Type Free-standing Free-standing Free-standing Free-standing Max thickness of cardboard to be shredded 12mm 15mm 18mm 20mm Max width of cardboard to be shredded 320mm 320mm 420mm 420mm Voidfill produced per hour 1-2 metres3 2-3 metres3 4-6 metres3 7-10 metres3 Suitable Dust Extraction Unit X W796 W791 W791 Emergency Stop Button ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ Suitable for Suits a variety of warehouse operations. An ideal option for small to medium businesses Suits a variety of warehouse operations.   An ideal option for small to medium businesses Ideal industrial machine with single and three phase plug. Suitable for high volume usage For larger businesses due to the cubic metres of void per hour. Shreds from thin to very thick cardboard  

  • Acid Free Tissue Paper Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Size: 500mm x 700mm Paper: 17gsm Machine Glazed Type: Unbuffered   Ideal for packaging, interleaving and general purpose protection, and protect your memories and possessions! This Unbuffered Acid Free Tissue Paper will add extra protection to items that you need to store. Acid Free means that the tissue is free of acids that will cause it to deteriorate over time and damage the items that it touches. Unbuffered tissue lacks the buffering reserve to prevent future acidity. It is used with materials that are sensitive to a higher pH level. Unbuffered White Acid Free Tissue Paper can be used to protect: natural fibre clothing (eg: linen, cotton, wool, silk), textiles (eg quilts), heirloom clothing (eg wedding gowns/veils), leather, jewellery, sterling silver, and all collectibles. Acid Free Tissue is so called because if it is immersed and infused in water it yields a neutral pH (7). Paper that is made from wood-based pulp that has not had it's lignin content removed will be naturally slightly off-white (like Packing Paper) and will deteriorate over time. In the 1930s, William Barrow, a chemist and librarian, uncovered the destructive power of acidic papers in libraries where he worked. He sought solutions to make the papers better and more protective. Acid Free Tissue is treated with a mild base (usually calcium or magnesium bicarbonate) to neutralise the natural acids occurring in wood-pulp. This means that Acid Free Tissue Paper (or Alkaline Paper, as it can be known as) has an approximate life expectancy of approximately 500 years. This gives huge preservation benefits to whatever it is used or wrapped in.# Due to the lack of harsh chemicals used to create Acid Free Tissue, the entire production process is much more eco-friendly; waste water and by-products can be recycled, energy used in the drying and refining process is saved, and the paper can be easily recycled!


  • White Packing Paper White Packing Paper

    White Packing Paper

    Size: 500mm x 750mm Available in quantities of 50 sheets, 100 sheets or a full ream   Unprinted newsprint paper is ideal for wrapping glassware and ceramics Protect crockery, china, ornaments and general household breakables, Packing paper prevents chipping and scratching by direct contact. Packing paper can absorb shocks when goods are in transit. Provides superior protection from scratches, chips, and shocks, so your belongings stay in perfect condition during transport. Packing paper is the perfect way to safeguard your most cherished possessions. Packing Paper has to be the ultimate in recycled and eco-friendly packaging. It was invented in 1844 by John Fenerty in Canada as a low-cost but strong paper that newspaper printers could use. It is naturally not the "bright white" that you would see with, for example, office printing paper, as it is manufactured without any chemical processes ... which means it's eco-friendly. And to make it even more eco-friendly ... during the printing of newspapers, the paper is cut down to "newspaper" size. Rather than being disposed of as waste, the offcuts are used as the Packing Paper that you are now considering buying!  


  • Corrugated Cardboard Roll 225mm x 10M Corrugated Cardboard Roll 225mm x 10M

    Corrugated Cardboard Roll 300mm x 10M

    Single-faced cardboard 300mm x 10 metres   Key Features: Eco-Friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Made from 100% thick single-faced corrugated cardboard. Lightweight design, but still offers great protection. Perfect for wrapping plates when moving house!   This brown corrugated cardboard provides excellent packing and wrapping capabilities. Its strong, lightweight design makes it an ideal material for various storage and shipping needs. You can also count on it to protect your goods from shock and damage. Corrugated cardboard is made from 100% recycled paper, with a liner on one side and fluted cardboard on the reverse, making it a perfect environmentally friendly choice. Ideal for wrapping items, as filling material for packaging, for interleaving and as a protective covering for painting or decorating purposes. This versatile material makes it easy to safely store, transport, and protect your valuables with confidence. Create the perfect look for your goods with packaging materials you trust!  


  • VoidPal Paper Voidfill VoidPal Paper Voidfill

    VoidPal Paper Voidfill

    Cost effective on-demand void fill for low and medium usage Ideal for small users Provides 1.25 cubic metres of voidfill Save up to 75% in storage space! 100% Biodegradable 100% Compostable 100% Recyclable. This manual, protective paper voidfill system is ideal for low or medium volume users or customers looking for a ‘starter solution’ for their protective packaging requirements. The paper itself is an environmentally friendly 60gsm recycled paper. For anyone looking to start their protective packaging journey, this manual, protective paper voidfill system is the perfect choice. Its 60gsm recycled paper is not only protective, but it's also kind to the environment. The system works on a centrefeed arrangement where the paper is pulled from the centre of the roll. With no cardboard core running through the centre of the reel, it is very simple to use. Stand the roll upright, pull the desired amount from the centre of the roll and tear to the required length. Our VoidPal void fill solution is favoured by a wide variety of companies where picking, packing and despatching are a critical part of the business operations. Ecommerce businesses mailing houses, contract packing companies and fulfilment houses all benefit from this low cost and simple solution. Paper voidfill and protection is an increasingly popular eco-friendly method of protecting goods prior to despatch. The key advantages of this protective packaging are its compact size – it won’t take up valuable space and there is no dispenser necessary - the overall outer dimensions of the roll are 380mm wide x 200mm diameter. Each roll is 350 metres long, providing 1.25 cubic metres of voidfill. It is lightweight and easy to handle so can literally be carried anywhere that packing is taking place in your warehouse and dispatch environments.  



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