Warehouse Shelving

boltless shelving system

A rugged, reliable and extremely stylish galvanised steel shelving system, manufactured in Europe.

With the added bonus that no screws or bolts are require to assemble - simply click each component into place and then tap with a hammer to ensure it stays in place!

Begin with a Starter Unit, and then customise to your own unique requirements with Add-on Units ... you can even add additional shelves to make it completely unique to you - just ensure that your Starter Unit is the same dimensions as your Add-on Unit and/or shelves!

900x400mm stell shelving 900x600mm steel shelving 1200x400mm steel shelving 1200x600mm steel shelving 1500x400mm steel shelving 1500x600mm steel shelving 1800x400mm steel shelving 1800x600mm steel shelving

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