Clothes Storage

Clothes Storage
A wide range of products for storing clothes. From vacuum storage bags to clothes covers. Perfect for moving house!

  • Vacuum Storage Bags Vacuum Storage Bags - Large - 700x1000mm

    Vacuum Storage Bags

    Choose from: Medium - 600mm x 800mm Large - 700mm x 1000mm  Extra Large - 900mm x 1300mm   An excellent storage solution for duvets, jumpers and any household bulky items. These bags not only reduce the space needed to store your clothing and household items, they also protect your items in a water and airtight bag to protect them in rooms outside of a home climate-controlled area. You can triple your storage space and protect out-of-season clothes and bedlinen from dust, mildew and moths. Simply place your bedding, clothes etc in the specially designed bag, seal closed, and use a conventional vacuum cleaner to draw out the excess air. The bag will compress to less than a third of its original size. You can then remove the vacuum cleaner and seal the nozzle of the bag. When ready to use again, simply unseal the bag, and your belongings will spring back into their original shape.


  • Acid Free Tissue Paper Acid Free Tissue Paper - 50 sheets

    Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Size: 500mm x 700mm Paper: 17gsm Machine Glazed Type: Unbuffered   Ideal for packaging, interleaving and general purpose protection. This Unbuffered Acid Free Tissue Paper will add extra protection to items that you need to store. Acid Free means that the tissue is free of acids that will cause it to deteriorate over time and damage the items that it touches. Unbuffered tissue lacks the buffering reserve to prevent future acidity. It is used with materials that are sensitive to a higher pH level. Unbuffered White Acid Free Tissue Paper can be used to protect: natural fibre clothing (eg: linen, cotton, wool, silk), textiles (eg quilts), heirloom clothing (eg wedding gowns/veils), leather, jewellery, sterling silver, and all collectibles. Acid Free Tissue is so called because if it is immersed and infused in water it yields a neutral pH (7). Paper that is made from wood-based pulp that has not had it's lignin content removed will be naturally slightly off-white (like Packing Paper) and will deteriorate over time. In the 1930s, William Barrow, who was a chemist as well as a librarian, reported on the deterioration of acidic papers in the libraries where he worked. Measures were taken to improve the quality of the papers used. Acid Free Tissue is treated with a mild base (usually calcium or magnesium bicarbonate) to neutralise the natural acids occurring in wood-pulp. This means that Acid Free Tissue Paper (or Alkaline Paper, as it can be known as) has an approximate life expectancy of approximately 500 years. This gives huge preservation benefits to whatever it is used or wrapped in.# Because there are fewer corrosive chemicals used in the making of Acid Free Tissue, the manufacture process is considered significantly more environmentally friendly ... waste water and paper by-products can be recycled, energy can be saved in the drying abnd refining process, and Acid Free Tissue can be easily recycled.


  • Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack) Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack)

    Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack)

    Size: 30" x 49" 33 micron / 132 gauge Medium Duty Quantity: 10 sacks per pack   There are some times, even if you have plenty of cardboard boxes(!) that the easiest and simplest solution is to put your belongings into a big plastic bag! The beauty of these bedding bags is that as well as being strong, they are transparent so that you can easily identify their contents. Excellent quality clear polythene sacks. Perfect for packing up your bedding, clothing etc!    


  • Large Black Bin Bags (25/pack) Large Black Bin Bags (25/pack)

    Large Black Bin Bags (25/pack)

    Size: 29" x 34" 35 micron / 140 gauge Medium Duty Quantity: 25 sacks per roll   One of the first (and possibly most important!) things to do when moving house is to Declutter. And often when you're decluttering you'll have rubbish to dispose of as well!   Happily, you don't have to search far to find these excellent quality large black polythene sacks. Perfect for disposing of rubbish or packing up your bedding, clothing, etc!


  • Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack) Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack)

    Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack)

    10g pouches - 10 per pack Silica Desiccant has the capacity to absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere without damaging other items. Moisture in the atmosphere and adverse weather conditions can cause transit damage to items should they not be packed well enough. Items that are parcicularly susceptable to aesthetic moisture damage include optical equipment, electrical goods and clothing, especially leather goods. The addition of a desiccant - such as this silica - to your packed goods can help maintain the high quality of your items, whether in transit for a short while, or placed in storage. Silica gel absorbs unwanted moisture from parcels before it has a chance to impact the goods within with rust, corrosion, or mould damage.   Our Silica Desiccant is supplied in a vacuum-packed clear bag. Do not open the individual white bags of silica - simply place them with the items you wish to protect. Do not eat this product - seek medical assistance if ingested


  • Large Storage Bags Large Storage Bags

    Large Storage Bags

    Size: 800mm x 600mm x 300mm   A perfect choice for storing laundry, duvets and bedding, curtains etc. This bag is very spacious and a great choice for moving your clothing etc when moving house. Could even be used when shopping! Excellent quality large woven-plastic storage bags, featuring a zip closure to ensure long-term durability. Easy to fold when not in use, taking up minimal space. Colour of bag may vary.


  • Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack) Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack)

    Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack)

    10 per pack   Cedar wood is an amazing natural insect repellent which is perfect for preventing moths, as well as providing a wonderfully uplifting woody aroma that fills your home and wardrobe instantly!   The natural oils in cedar wood contain compounds that repel insects, including the clothes moth. Historically, cedarwood chests were built and used to store valuable objects and protect out-of-season clothing and blankets. It was known that cedarwood deterred insects and moths, while keeping textiles smelling fresh and fragrant. Our cedar moth repellent "flowers" are a completely natural and safe alternative to using mothballs, which are known to contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and pets. The unique design means that they can be hung unobtrusively on a hanger with your clothes, as well as placed in clothing drawers. Just like perfume, cedar oils can fade and become less potent over time. Cedarwood Moth Repellents last approximately six months. To maintain their effectiveness, simply renew the aroma by sanding the wood lightly with sandpaper.   You will receive 10 cedar moth repellent units, supplied in a small muslin storage bag.  


  • Clear Plastic Gown Covers Clear Plastic Gown Covers

    Clear Plastic Gown Covers

    152cm / 60" - suitable for wedding dresses, gowns, suits etc   * Please note that price is for a single cover * An ideal everyday garment cover for storage and travel. Protects clothes against dirt and dust. Wipe-clean and showerproof. Shaped shoulders with a top hole for your hanger hook and a lower grommet for the hanger hook to slot through, allowing easy carrying when draped in half. Full length zip. Clear showerproof PEVA plastic. Very easy to use: simply hang  your clothes on hanger, unzip the clear clothes cover, working from the bottom of the clothes cover, place the bottom end of your clothes into the bag and draw the cover up and over the hanger. For longterm storage of wedding dresses, we would suggest some acid free tissue and vacuum storage bags.  



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