Mattress Covers

Mattress Covers
Whether you’re moving home or renovating your property, our mattress covers are ideal, ensuring your items are kept dirt-free and dry during transit or in storage. Made of biodegradable plastic. Choose from Single, Double, King or SuperKing mattress bags.

  • Large Storage Bags Large Storage Bags

    Large Storage Bags

    Size: 800mm x 600mm x 300mm   A perfect choice for storing laundry, duvets and bedding, curtains etc. This bag is very spacious and a great choice for transporting your clothing etc when moving house. Could even be used when shopping! Ideal for small or large-scale projects, and very convenient—you'll be ready to tackle whatever comes your way with these spacious storage bags! Perfect for everyday use, it's the ideal way to keep your laundry, duvets, and other items securely organized yet easy to access. Excellent quality large woven-plastic storage bags, featuring a zip closure to ensure long-term durability. Experience the security and reliability of a bag designed to last. Unmatched in quality and construction, it's the perfect choice for all your storage needs. Easy to fold when not in use, taking up minimal space. Colour of bag may vary.


  • Mattress Protective Cover Bags Mattress Protective Cover Bags

    Mattress Protective Cover Bags

    Our Mattress Cover Bags are a convenient and reliable way to take the hassle out of moving or renovations. Crafted from sturdy, industrial-grade 200-gauge polythene plastic, they'll make life a whole lot easier! These Mattress Cover Bags are made from industrial grade 200-gauge polythene plastic and are extremely useful if moving house or redecorating.   Choose from:      Single (3ft) Mattress Cover Bag           Width: 109.2cm (43") - extends to 129.5cm (51") with gusset          Depth: 30cm (12")          Length: 248.9cm (98")      Double/SuperKing Mattress Cover Bag           Width: 160cm (60") - extends to 208.2cm (82") with gusset          Depth: 48cm (19")          Length: 248.9cm (98") Mattress polythene protection bags are an ideal way to keep your mattress clean and dust free during your move or while in storage. Polythene plastic is 37.5 micron/150 gauge thickness. Mattress bags are an easy and affordable solution for transporting and storing mattress.   Below, please see a guide to typical bed sizes available in Ireland and the UK. As you will see, the mattress covers are deliberately slightly bigger than the mattresses to allow for them to be put on easily.   It may be daunting to try to get a mattress into a bag on your own, and indeed a task like this is best done with at least two people. However, it is possible, and we have detailed the technique on our Box Depot Blog if you need instruction on how simple it can be.  


  • Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack) Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack)

    Large Clear Storage/Bedding Sacks (10/pack)

    Size: 30" x 49" 33 micron / 132 gauge Medium Duty Quantity: 10 sacks per pack   There are some times, even if you have plenty of cardboard boxes(!) that the easiest and simplest solution is to put your belongings into a big plastic bag! Say goodbye to clutter: these large storage sacks make it easy to organize your items, no matter how many items you have. Whether you're packing for a move, or just looking for clear bags that mean you can easily identify the contents, these sturdy sacks are the answer!   The beauty of these bedding bags is that as well as being strong, they are transparent so that you can easily identify their contents. Excellent quality clear polythene sacks - Perfect for packing up your bedding, clothing etc! Experience effortless organization and easy access with these clear storage bags. Make sure you can always find what you need when you need it - without even having to open the bag!  


  • Clear Pallet Wrap Clear Pallet Wrap

    Clear Pallet Wrap

    Size: 400mm x 250 metres Type: 17 microns (industrial standard!) Extended Core for ease of use   Ideal for wrapping non-fragile items when moving house! It'll keep your most valued items safe and sound while you're moving to your new home. Plus, it's easy-to-use making packing a breeze. When transporting goods/possessions, they need to be packed efficiently and securely. Pallet wrap is the most efficient and secure method of keeping multiple non-fragile items together. Our pallet wrap has high levels of elasticity and cling - elasticity will keep the goods tight and secure in transit; cling allows the film to adhere to itself so that it doesn't come loose or open during transit. Pallet wrap is used extensively in industry as it is so easy to use, and items are kept secure. Why not try it yourself?! Experience the convenience of a secure hold and effortless application. You'll wonder why you didn't make the switch to Clear Pallet Wrap sooner!   For larger quantities, please contact us!   Manufactured by Thermic Recycling. Suitable for Recycling  



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