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  • Sale -21% Shredded Cardboard 4kg

    Shredded Cardboard 4kg

      Quantity: 4kg Shred Size: 5mm flat strips Material Type: Mix of single-wall and double-wall cardboard Shredded cardboard packaging for protecting goods in boxes. Eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. This eco-friendly product is perfect for void-filling boxes, giving excellent cushioning Made from recycled cardboard, so may contain shredded logos/labels * Please note bottle in images shown as perspective guide only.


  • Sale -14% 230x230x200mm Single Wall Postal Box

    230x230x200mm Single Wall Postal Box

    Length: 230mm (9") Width: 230mm (9") Height: 200mm (8") Price per single box   Excellent Quality Single Wall rigid cardboard Pre-printed - only used once! Very clean boxes! Printed text on boxes may vary     Our Single Wall boxes are made from high quality single wall corrugated cardboard. They are strong and sturdy and retain their shape even when fully loaded or when packed tightly together. They are used extensively in industry as packing, storage and shipping cartons and domestically as general packaging and moving boxes. All single wall boxes are made from superior grade rigid flute corrugated board. Their outstanding quality and rigidity make them essential when moving your belongings.   Our once-used recycled boxes have been used to deliver dry goods to factories (ie packaging materials, bottle caps etc). They therefore may have been pretaped and have some printed text on them, but they are all clean boxes and have been pre-graded. Normally these boxes would have been taken away for shredding, but everybody knows that a cardboard box can be used more than once, and we believe it is the environmentally responsible thing to do!  


  • Sale -19% Coloured Tissue Paper - full ream

    Coloured Tissue Paper - full ream

    Size: 450mm x 700mm Available Colours: White, Bright Yellow, Neon Orange, Dark Green Paper: 18gsm Machine Glazed Type: Unbuffered Size: Full ream (approx 480 sheets)   Ideal for wrapping a filling, interleaving, padding material, retail giftwrap for a quality presentation, craft & hobby projects. Made from recycled paper.

    €19.50 - €23.99

  • Sale -25% Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (500 per pack)

    Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (500 per pack)

    10g pouches - 500 per pack Silica Desiccant has the capacity to absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere without damaging other items. Moisture in the atmosphere and adverse weather conditions can cause transit damage to items should they not be packed well enough. Items that are particularly susceptable to aesthetic moisture damage include optical equipment, electrical goods and clothing, especially leather goods. The addition of a desiccant - such as this silica - to your packed goods can help maintain the high quality of your items, whether in transit for a short while, or placed in storage. Silica gel absorbs unwanted moisture from parcels before it has a chance to impact the goods within with rust, corrosion, or mould damage.   Our Silica Desiccant is supplied in a vacuum-packed clear bag. Do not open the individual white bags of silica - simply place them with the items you wish to protect. Do not eat this product - seek medical assistance if ingested


  • Sale -13% 165mm x 230mm White Poly Mailing Bags

    165mm x 230mm White Poly Mailing Bags

    Size: 165mm x 230mm + 40mm Lip Gauge: 45mu Colour: White Outer with Black Opaque Inner Sealing: Permanent Peel&Seal Strip Quantity: 100 bags per pack     These mailing bags have been designed to provide quality, security and performance that you can trust. They are manufactured in a three-layer co-extruded film. This film gives the bags strength and, more importantly, makes the film very opaque and non see-through. The bags come with a 40mm lip and a high-tack permanent self-adhesive strip so once they are sealed, they are sealed! These mailing bags are perfect for sending products by post or courier. For improved protection wrap goods in bubble wrap before packing in the white mailers!  


  • Sale -13% VoidStar Dispenser and VoidFill Paper Starter Kit

    VoidStar Dispenser and VoidFill Paper Starter Kit

    VoidStar Dispenser and Paper Kit   Cost effective on-demand void fill for low and medium usage Ideal for small users Rugged construction Can be bench- or wall-mounted Paper roll braking system prevents over-run Integrated rip jaws for fast and easy tearing of the paper Save up to 75% in storage space! 100% Biodegradable 100% Compostable 100% Recyclable. This listing is for one dispenser and two rolls of VoidFill Paper Dispenser Dimensions: Width: 711.2mm Height: 254mm Depth: 609.6mm Weight: 6.8kg     Roll Dimensions: Width: 600mm Length: 400 metres Weight: 13.2kg per roll The Pacplan VST600 VoidStar Paper Void Fill system is ruggedly constructed and is a cost effective way of creating on-demand impact-absorbing void fill from an environmentally friendly paper product. Position the dispenser on a bench or permanently wall-mount it. When wall-mounted, the Pacplan VSTR60 Voidstar dispenser occupies a minimal footprint in your packaging and dispatch operation area. It is an ideal solution for low or medium void fill production, typically used by online mail order traders.        


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