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Do you want to do your bit for the environment ... and SAVE money?

Everybody know that a cardboard box can be used more than once!

And at Box Depot, we are proud to sell once-used cardboard boxes to those moving house.

We know a good bit about moving house. Not because we worked in the house-moving industry, but because we Moved House. Quite. A. Lot! It was infuriating (and embarrassing at times!) to pop to our local supermarket and beg for empty boxes that (in our opinion) were too small or flimsy to be of any real use.

At the same time, we were working in industries who would get deliveries of products in brand new boxes that would be shoved into rubbish bins to be put into landfill or recycled/remade into brand new boxes again!

Our cardboard boxes are once-used recycled boxes and therefore may have been pre-taped and have some printed text on them. These boxes have been used to deliver dry goods to factories (eg bottle tops, packaging materials, jam jars etc). They would normally have been taken away for shredding. However the concept of re-using boxes, which has been common practice in the US and UK for a number of years is coming to Ireland.

Our Double Wall boxes are ideal packing, storage and shipping boxes for heavy and fragile goods. They have excellent resistance to crushing, due to their high specification construction. All our Double Wall cardboard boxes are made from superior grade TWIN fluted corrugated board ... you will notice the difference!

Our Single Wall cardboard boxes are made from high quality Single Wall corrugated cardboard. They are strong and sturdy and retain their shape, even when fully loaded or when packed tightly together. They are used extensively in industry as packing, storage and shipping cartons and domestically as general packaging and moving boxes. All our Single Wall boxes are made from superior grade rigid flute corrugated board. Their outstanding quality and rigidity make them essential when moving your belonging.

Reduce ... Reuse ... Recycle!

Make a Difference!

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Icon for delivery_box_1I'm not sure which box I need. Can I call in to see the boxes before I buy?

Buying online is very convenient, as even though our listings are as comprehensive as possible, sometimes there is no substitute for seeing the products "in person"!

It is possible to call into our shop and buy when you get here ... just double-check our opening hours!

Icon for delivery_box_1Are these boxes as good as brand new boxes?

Absolutely! We have a rule at Box Depot: If we wouldn't use the box to move our own households, we don't stock it!

The boxes you receive may have been gently used once, or they may be brand new overruns, misprints or customer returns. They may also have a label or two on them... and could even have some handwriting on them. But for the purposes of packing them for moving house, or to ship an item, they are great!

The suppliers of our used boxes are manufacturers, distributors and retailers that use high-quality boxes only once.

Whichever boxes you order from us, you can rest assured that you are getting quality boxes that are substantially less expensive than brand new boxes and are therefore a fantastic eco-friendly choice!

Icon for delivery_box_1I only need one or two boxes?

That is absolutely no problem at all. All our boxes are sold individually.

You can even decide to call into our shop to collect your box to save on shipping costs!

Icon for delivery_box_1I need a large quantity of boxes?

That is absolutely no problem at all. Just phone us at 01-4507272 and we will be able to discuss pallet quantities and prices with you.

Icon for delivery_box_1Can I buy Custom-Made and/or Branded Boxes?

In an ideal world, everything would be brand-new and never used! But then the planet would not be in the Climate Crisis that it is now!

All the cardboard boxes offered at Box Depot are once-used recycled boxes (because we think it is the environmentally responsible thing to do).

Many businesses do not realise that their customers also care about the environment and might prefer that goods are sent to them in stronger boxes that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Buying once-used recycled cardboard boxes is an easy, cost-effective way of businesses showing they are an eco-friendly company that cares about sustainable packaging.

Icon for delivery_box_1I've moved house and unpacked. Can I return the boxes I used?

Congratulations, not only on your eco-friendly decision to buy once-used cardboard boxes, but also not wanting to fill up landfills with cardboard boxes!

You are welcome to drop any boxes back to us at our shop. Unfortunately we are currently unable to pick them up from you.

However, you could always consider friends or family who are in need of boxes? Or flattened cardboard boxes are brilliant in the garden at keeping down weeds! Or you could bring them to your local Recycling Centre that accepts corrugated cardboard!


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