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  • Furniture Protective Cover Bags Furniture Protective Cover Bags

    Furniture Protective Cover Bags

    Often forgotten, furniture cover bags are extremely useful, especially if moving house or even when redecorating your home. Furniture cover bags provide invaluable protection for your furniture, no matter if you're moving, redecorating, or just need a little extra protection during a project. Uncover the secret to hassle-free furniture protection. Wouldn't it be nice to keep your furniture fresher and ready to use for longer? A house is not a home unless it has your much-loved furniture in it. Using a furniture cover, whether a chair, two-seater or three-seater, is an affordable way of protecting against water or dust.   Choose from:      Armchair Bags          1372mm (54") width          1829mm (72") length          1372mm (54") depth     2-Seater Sofa Bags          1372mm (54") width          2438mm (96") length          1372mm (54") depth     3-Seater Sofa Bags          1372mm (54") width          2743mm (108") length          1372mm (54") depth   Preserve your furniture's cleanliness and protection during a move or extended storage with our resilient Polythene furniture covers. The covers are designed to protect your furniture from damp and dirt throughout transportation or storage. These covers are expertly crafted to keep your furniture in pristine condition, no matter where you go. Enjoy a worry-free move or storage experience with Furniture Protective Cover Bags. They are made from strong waterproof polythene and simply need sealing at the open end. The convenient side opening of these furniture bags ensure that your furniture is covered. To avoid the cover slipping, use tape to ensure your chair or sofa is completely encased. Please check the size of your furniture carefully - there can be a considerable difference between one 2-seat sofa and another. If in doubt, choose a larger bag.  


  • Jumbo Moving Kit (Including 44 Boxes!) Jumbo Moving Kit (Including 44 Boxes!)

    Jumbo Moving Kit (Including 44 Boxes!)

    Includes:   8 Double Wall Boxes - 590mm x 390mm x 420mm 18 Single Wall Boxes - 590mm x 400mm x 340mm 18 Single Wall Boxes - 315mm x 315mm x 315mm   2 x 10M Bubble Wrap - 500mm wide   3 rolls Brown Sealing Tape   1 x Tape Dispenser   1 x Permanent Black Marker   1 x Utility Knife   1 pair Utility Gloves Please note all boxes in our kits are once-used recycled cardboard boxes  Our Boxes:Our once-used, recycled boxes have been shipped with dry goods to factories, containing packaging materials and/or bottle caps. Though they may have been pre-taped and may have some printed text on them, they're all clean and pre-graded! Saving these boxes from landfill builds a more eco-friendly world - and everyone knows a cardboard box can be used more than once!  Our Double Wall boxes provide the perfect combination of packing, storage, and shipment for heavy and delicate items. Boasting maximum durability and strength, these boxes are crafted from premium-grade TWIN fluted corrugated board - it's a quality difference you can see! Our Single Wall boxes are constructed from high-grade single wall corrugated cardboard, making them exceptionally strong and resilient! They can retain their shape when stacked or fully loaded, and their superior quality and durability make them a must-have when you’re moving. Industry experts rely on them as packing, storage and shipping cartons, and they're a trusted choice for domestic packing and moving boxes. Experience the robustness of our single wall boxes first hand! Bubble Wrap Our small-bubble bubble wrap is an excellent choice for protecting fragile items. Boasting a super-durable laminated construction, you can rely on it to keep your items safe and secure! Plus, you won't have to worry about running out of wrapping before you're done - just don't burst the bubbles before you've finished packing!   Sealing Tape Our Brown Sealing Tape is top-notch polypropylene - the water-based adhesive contains no solvents and won't fade in the sun. Plus, adhesion increases over time. Get unparalleled value and quality - an unbeatable combo!   Tape Dispenser You'll also receive this handy ergonomic tape dispenser, suitable for 48-50mm rolls of tape. Eliminate the hassle of heavy taping tasks with this lightweight and easy-to-use tape dispenser. A must-have tool for any moving job!  Marker A permanent black felt tip pen, with a 0.5mm nib, is also included in your kit so you can label your boxes. Never worry about misplacing your belongings with this premium black permanent marker. Seamlessly label your boxes to keep track of your possessions!  Utility Knife A very useful utility knife, perfect for opening cardboard boxes! It has a 9mm lockable blade with 12 breakable edges. This versatile tool makes it easy to open boxes of any size. The extra-strong 9mm lockable blade features an impressive 12 breakable edges, so you won't have to worry about replacing blades any time soon!  Gloves Perfect for protecting your hands when lifting things! Keep your hands safe and secure while handling heavy items - it's an easy and effective way to get the job done. 


  • 900mm x 400mm x 1975mm Add-on Shelving 900mm x 400mm x 1975mm Add-on Shelving

    900mm x 400mm x 1975mm Add-on Shelving

    A rugged and reliable storage system that is perfect for either domestic or industrial settings. With a stylish galvanised steel finish, it will look great whether you need it for retail, industrial or even domestic storage needs. A great bonus is that you don't have to worry about screws or bolts, as this system very easily slots into place, with only a few taps of a hammer to ensure each component stays where it should! As this is a modular shelving system, it can configured in any way to be just as unique as you are! Once you have a Starter Shelving Unit (that comes with 4 legs for stability) you can add any number of Add-on Units (that only have 2 legs!) to create your very own bespoke shelving system Each Starter Unit or Add-on Unit comes with 4 shelves as standard. Additional Shelves are available separately - shelves can be placed every 33mm along the height of the frames for any configuration or number of shelves you require. Corner Brackets are available separately, should you require them. If you require a large quantity of shelving, please contact us and we will be happy to offer you our bulk pricing options.      An attractive addition to your home   Adaptability and flexibility are the selling points of this fully galvanised steel bay shelving system, with optional add-on extender. Easily assembled with no screws or nuts, making it hugely versatile and adaptable to both domestic and industrial needs The metal shelving is extremely functional - it’s perfect for sorting, storing and picking small goods and supplies. Sizes Available: 900mm x 400mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 200kg per shelf 900mm x 600mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 150kg per shelf 1200mm x 400mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 205kg per shelf 1200mm x 600mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 205kg per shelf 1500mm x 400mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 205kg per shelf 1500mm x 600mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 205kg per shelf 1800mm x 400mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 140kg per shelf 1800mm x 600mm x 1975mm - Shelf Loading Level: 140kg per shelf   Sizing Information: When calculating the space required for shelving: Add 70mm to the specified length for Starter Units Add 10mm to the specified length for Add-on Units Add 30mm to the depth of your Shelves So if you choose the 900mm x 400mm x 1975mm Shelving, the physical space you will require is 970mm x 430mm x 1975mm        An adaptable addition to your business The shelving of choice for the automotive, manufacture and electrical industries, the high performance steel is sturdy but also looks good making it a quality option for use in retail environments – the shelves can be configured to display products as well as hang garments. Another great feature is the boltless structure which ensures the galvanised shelving is extremely easy to erect. The design removes any need for screws and bolts and shelves are simply slotted together to create a professional modular shelving unit that will bring heightened levels of organisation to any environment.  



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