labels for moving house

Moving house and need to label your boxes?! Choose from our large plain white labels as well as pre-printed Fragile Labels.

  • 10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm 10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm

    10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm

    110mm x 150mm Perfect for labelling your boxes for moving! 10 labels per pack   Save time and stress less! Without doubt, every moving house manual or packing guide will strongly suggest labelling your boxes at the time of moving, and for good reason! Imagine getting to your new place with your "kitchen" boxes hidden in the bedroom? It could take hours to find something you need when you're looking through countless unidentifiable boxes! Make sure you don't get lost in the shuffle and label your boxes! These plain white labels are the perfect answer! Their generous size is ideal for neatly handwritten messages. It's no surprise they stick firmly on any box you want to label - the secure adhesive backing won't let them go!


  • 10 x Fragile Labels 50mm x 75mm 10 x Fragile Labels 50mm x 75mm

    10 x Fragile Labels 50mm x 75mm

      50mm x 75mm 10 labels on a roll   Fragile labels are essential for anyone who needs to move, ship, or store their prized possessions. Our labels adhere firmly, maintaining their bond through any shipping or handling process and all temperature shifts. Additionally, they are weatherproof, withstanding water, heat, and condensation with ease! Our Fragile Labels are essential for shipping fragile items! Quickly stick them onto your package to alert the handlers that the goods contained within are delicate. Keep your goods safe from any bumps or drops with these trusty labels! Peel the labels from their backing and apply them effortlessly to your box or package to ensure your load is properly marked as fragile! Strong adhesive backing ensures that label will stick to what it is stuck to. Bright red in colour and boldly printed with the word 'Fragile', these labels provide a clear message to those handling the package— to handle with care! The recognizable design is widely understood and will ensure your shipment arrives safely! No matter the quantity of labels used, never forget that a Fragile label cannot replace proper protective packaging!


  • 500 x Fragile Labels 500 x Fragile Labels

    500 x Fragile Labels

    50mm x 75mm Roll of 500 labels   This roll of labels printed 'Fragile' in white text on a red background gives a visible instruction to handlers, carriers and customers to be careful with the parcel's contents. The strong adhesive backing ensure that each label will stick to what it is stuck to. The labels are also weather-resistant and can withstand moderate resistance to water, heat and condensation. Please remember that a Fragile label is not a substitute for careful protective packaging!



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