Moving Accessories

Moving Accessories
Often you need more than just cardboard boxes to move house! At Box Depot we have a wide range of Moving Accessories to make that Move a little less stressful!

  • 10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm 10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm

    10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm

    110mm x 150mm Perfect for labelling your boxes for moving! 10 labels per pack   Save time and stress less! Without exception, pretty much every moving house guide or packing guide will tell you to label your boxes when moving! And it's good advice too ... it's all very well knowing that you've packed up your kitchen and have all the boxes stacked against the wall. But what happens when you get to your new home? And your "kitchen" boxes somehow end up in the bedroom?! It's not an understatement to say it could take days to find a particular item you need when you are faced with 20+ boxes with no identification whatsoever on them!   These plain white labels are a great solution. They are large enough to be useful when handwriting on them. And the strong adhesive backing means that they will stay on the box that they identify!


  • Black Permanent Marker Black Permanent Marker

    Black Permanent Marker

    Bullet Tip Permanent and indelible Xylene Free Waterproof This black marker comes with a long-lasting ink that can be used on almost all surfaces, including plastic, wood and metal, as well as your cardboard boxes when you're moving house. If you are moving house and have packed up a number of cardboard boxes, they can all start to look the same once they are sealed, unless you have labelled them! And a black marker can be essential for this task. With a low odour and quick-drying ink, these markers are also Xylene- and Toluene-Free. The chunky barrel provides a firm grip, increasing control and comfort. With a bullet tip, these markers provide a consistent-width line suitable for handwriting.


  • Fragile Tape Fragile Tape

    Fragile Tape

    Size: 48mm x 66 metres Type: Polypropylene Appearance: White background with Red Text It is easy to be flippant about the humble roll of sealing tape, but humans have been trying to create sealants for an awfully long time! There's records dating back to 4,000BC of earthenware pots being sealed with tree resin sap. By 2,000BC there are written instructions on how to make your own fish glue (not really recommended these days!) but the first patent for an adhesive was issued in 1750 in Great Britain, made of fish glue! Thankfully fish glue is not a "thing" these days! The first appearance of adhesive tape was in 1845, and was used primarily by forward-thinking surgeons of the day. The Sealing Tape offered here is a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a polypropylene film. The tape can be applied by hand or with a tape gun. Simply by running your hand over the applied tape, you can ensure the pressure-sensitive adhesive is properly applied so the tape stays in place. Ideal for securing and sealing boxes, parcels and other packages, this polypropylene tape provides strong, waterproof adhesion to help protect items in transit. A white tape with "Fragile" repeated in red text, this tape will draw attention to ensure it is handled with care. Although the idea of covering your box or package with Fragile Tape may feel like you've done everything possible to prevent breakages, it is not a substitute for using voidfill and protective packaging to ensure your box or package is adequately protected!


  • Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack) Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack)

    Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack)

    10g pouches - 10 per pack Silica Desiccant has the capacity to absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere without damaging other items. Moisture in the atmosphere and adverse weather conditions can cause transit damage to items should they not be packed well enough. Items that are parcicularly susceptable to aesthetic moisture damage include optical equipment, electrical goods and clothing, especially leather goods. The addition of a desiccant - such as this silica - to your packed goods can help maintain the high quality of your items, whether in transit for a short while, or placed in storage. Silica gel absorbs unwanted moisture from parcels before it has a chance to impact the goods within with rust, corrosion, or mould damage.   Our Silica Desiccant is supplied in a vacuum-packed clear bag. Do not open the individual white bags of silica - simply place them with the items you wish to protect. Do not eat this product - seek medical assistance if ingested


  • Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker

    Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker

    Fast-drying waterproof UV ink. Permanent UV ink - doesn't fade like a standard UV pen. Markings show up brightly under Ultraviolet light. Effective on many surfaces but can be rubbed off on some metals and glazed surfaces - trial & error recommended. Unwanted markings can be removed with turpentine, methylated spirits etc. PLEASE NOTE PRICE IS PER MARKER.   A UV security marker pen with high quality UV ink that doesn't fade like a standard UV pen. Markings fluoresce brightly under Ultraviolet light (Blacklight).   Recommended by the Gardai, UV pens are an ideal and discreet method of marking your valuables in the event that they are stolen. The ink will appear invisible in daylight, making a thief unaware that your property has been marked. However markings will show up clearly when put under an Ultraviolet light, meaning you can get your goods back!   How to use: Very simply, mark your property with a clear identification mark. Use your house name or Eircode (for example). If you want the mark to be completely out of sight, choose somewhere behind or underneath the item, but make sure it is somewhere the Gardai will be able to find it. The ink from UV pens dries leaving a glossy mark which can be seen under certain light conditions due to the contrast differences between the ink and substrate being marked - this is easily resolved by dabbing the fresh markings with a tissue to remove excess ink, waiting a few seconds to let it dry a little and then rub it until the mark is no longer distinguishable. Testing with a UV light will reveal the mark. It's recommended to practice the procedure a few times on something you don't intend to security mark first to learn how much pressure to use to gain best results.  


  • Vacuum Storage Bags Vacuum Storage Bags - Large - 700x1000mm

    Vacuum Storage Bags

    Choose from: Medium - 600mm x 800mm Large - 700mm x 1000mm  Extra Large - 900mm x 1300mm   An excellent storage solution for duvets, jumpers and any household bulky items. These bags not only reduce the space needed to store your clothing and household items, they also protect your items in a water and airtight bag to protect them in rooms outside of a home climate-controlled area. You can triple your storage space and protect out-of-season clothes and bedlinen from dust, mildew and moths. Simply place your bedding, clothes etc in the specially designed bag, seal closed, and use a conventional vacuum cleaner to draw out the excess air. The bag will compress to less than a third of its original size. You can then remove the vacuum cleaner and seal the nozzle of the bag. When ready to use again, simply unseal the bag, and your belongings will spring back into their original shape.


  • Large Storage Bags Large Storage Bags

    Large Storage Bags

    Size: 800mm x 600mm x 300mm   A perfect choice for storing laundry, duvets and bedding, curtains etc. This bag is very spacious and a great choice for moving your clothing etc when moving house. Could even be used when shopping! Excellent quality large woven-plastic storage bags, featuring a zip closure to ensure long-term durability. Easy to fold when not in use, taking up minimal space. Colour of bag may vary.


  • Acid Free Tissue Paper Acid Free Tissue Paper - 50 sheets

    Acid Free Tissue Paper

    Size: 500mm x 700mm Paper: 17gsm Machine Glazed Type: Unbuffered   Ideal for packaging, interleaving and general purpose protection. This Unbuffered Acid Free Tissue Paper will add extra protection to items that you need to store. Acid Free means that the tissue is free of acids that will cause it to deteriorate over time and damage the items that it touches. Unbuffered tissue lacks the buffering reserve to prevent future acidity. It is used with materials that are sensitive to a higher pH level. Unbuffered White Acid Free Tissue Paper can be used to protect: natural fibre clothing (eg: linen, cotton, wool, silk), textiles (eg quilts), heirloom clothing (eg wedding gowns/veils), leather, jewellery, sterling silver, and all collectibles. Acid Free Tissue is so called because if it is immersed and infused in water it yields a neutral pH (7). Paper that is made from wood-based pulp that has not had it's lignin content removed will be naturally slightly off-white (like Packing Paper) and will deteriorate over time. In the 1930s, William Barrow, who was a chemist as well as a librarian, reported on the deterioration of acidic papers in the libraries where he worked. Measures were taken to improve the quality of the papers used. Acid Free Tissue is treated with a mild base (usually calcium or magnesium bicarbonate) to neutralise the natural acids occurring in wood-pulp. This means that Acid Free Tissue Paper (or Alkaline Paper, as it can be known as) has an approximate life expectancy of approximately 500 years. This gives huge preservation benefits to whatever it is used or wrapped in.# Because there are fewer corrosive chemicals used in the making of Acid Free Tissue, the manufacture process is considered significantly more environmentally friendly ... waste water and paper by-products can be recycled, energy can be saved in the drying abnd refining process, and Acid Free Tissue can be easily recycled.


  • Mini Pallet Wrap Mini Pallet Wrap

    Mini Pallet Wrap

    Size: 100mm x 150 metres Type: 17 microns (industrial standard!) Extended Core provides a convenient handle   When transporting goods/possessions, they need to be packed efficiently and securely. Pallet wrap is the most efficient and secure method of keeping multiple non-fragile items together.   This Mini Pallet Wrap is small, versatile and easy to use. Perfect for stretch-wrapping small items. Our pallet wrap has high levels of elasticity and cling - elasticity will keep the goods tight and secure in transit; cling allows the film to adhere to itself so that it doesn't come loose or open during transit. Pallet wrap is used extensively in industry as it is so easy to use, and items are kept secure. Why not try it yourself?!  


  • White Packing Paper White Packing Paper

    White Packing Paper

    Size: 500mm x 750mm Available in quantities of 50 sheets, 100 sheets or a full ream   Unprinted newsprint paper is ideal for wrapping glassware and ceramics Protect crockery, china, ornaments and general household breakables, Packing paper prevents chipping and scratching by direct contact. Packing paper can absorb shocks when goods are in transit. Packing Paper has to be the ultimate in recycled and eco-friendly packaging. It was invented in 1844 by John Fenerty in Canada as a low-cost but strong paper that newspaper printers could use. It is naturally not the "bright white" that you would see with, for example, office printing paper, as it is manufactured without any chemical processes ... which means it's eco-friendly.    And to make it even more eco-friendly ... during the printing of newspapers, the paper is cut down to "newspaper" size. Rather than being disposed of as waste, the offcuts are used as the Packing Paper that you are now considering buying!  


  • Mattress Protective Cover Bags Mattress Protective Cover Bags

    Mattress Protective Cover Bags

    Our Mattress Cover Bags are made from industrial grade 200-gauge polythene plastic and are extremely useful if moving house or redecorating.   Choose from:      Single (3ft) Mattress Cover Bag           Width: 109.2cm (43") - extends to 129.5cm (51") with gusset          Depth: 30cm (12")          Length: 248.9cm (98")      Double/SuperKing Mattress Cover Bag           Width: 160cm (60") - extends to 208.2cm (82") with gusset          Depth: 48cm (19")          Length: 248.9cm (98") Mattress polythene protection bags are an ideal way to keep your mattress clean and dust free during your move or while in storage. Polythene plastic is 37.5 micron/150 gauge thickness. Mattress bags are an easy and affordable solution for transporting and storing mattress.   Below, please see a guide to typical bed sizes available in Ireland and the UK. As you will see, the mattress covers are deliberately slightly bigger than the mattresses to allow for them to be put on easily.   It may be daunting to try to get a mattress into a bag on your own, and indeed a task like this is best done with at least two people. However, it is possible, and we have detailed the technique on our Box Depot Blog if you need instruction on how simple it can be.  


  • Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack) Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack)

    Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack)

    10 per pack   Cedar wood is an amazing natural insect repellent which is perfect for preventing moths, as well as providing a wonderfully uplifting woody aroma that fills your home and wardrobe instantly!   The natural oils in cedar wood contain compounds that repel insects, including the clothes moth. Historically, cedarwood chests were built and used to store valuable objects and protect out-of-season clothing and blankets. It was known that cedarwood deterred insects and moths, while keeping textiles smelling fresh and fragrant. Our cedar moth repellent "flowers" are a completely natural and safe alternative to using mothballs, which are known to contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and pets. The unique design means that they can be hung unobtrusively on a hanger with your clothes, as well as placed in clothing drawers. Just like perfume, cedar oils can fade and become less potent over time. Cedarwood Moth Repellents last approximately six months. To maintain their effectiveness, simply renew the aroma by sanding the wood lightly with sandpaper.   You will receive 10 cedar moth repellent units, supplied in a small muslin storage bag.  



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