Need to label your boxes? You'll need pens and markers! View our range here.

  • Black Permanent Marker Black Permanent Marker

    Black Permanent Marker

    Bullet Tip Permanent and indelible Xylene Free Waterproof This black marker comes with a long-lasting ink that can be used on almost all surfaces, including plastic, wood and metal, as well as your cardboard boxes when you're moving house. If you are moving house and have packed up a number of cardboard boxes, they can all start to look the same once they are sealed, unless you have labelled them! And a black marker can be essential for this task. With a low odour and quick-drying ink, these markers are also Xylene- and Toluene-Free. The chunky barrel provides a firm grip, increasing control and comfort. With a bullet tip, these markers provide a consistent-width line suitable for handwriting.


  • Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker

    Ultraviolet Security Property-Marking Marker

    Fast-drying waterproof UV ink. Permanent UV ink - doesn't fade like a standard UV pen. Markings show up brightly under Ultraviolet light. Effective on many surfaces but can be rubbed off on some metals and glazed surfaces - trial & error recommended. Unwanted markings can be removed with turpentine, methylated spirits etc. PLEASE NOTE PRICE IS PER MARKER.   A UV security marker pen with high quality UV ink that doesn't fade like a standard UV pen. Markings fluoresce brightly under Ultraviolet light (Blacklight).   Recommended by the Gardai, UV pens are an ideal and discreet method of marking your valuables in the event that they are stolen. The ink will appear invisible in daylight, making a thief unaware that your property has been marked. However markings will show up clearly when put under an Ultraviolet light, meaning you can get your goods back!   How to use: Very simply, mark your property with a clear identification mark. Use your house name or Eircode (for example). If you want the mark to be completely out of sight, choose somewhere behind or underneath the item, but make sure it is somewhere the Gardai will be able to find it. The ink from UV pens dries leaving a glossy mark which can be seen under certain light conditions due to the contrast differences between the ink and substrate being marked - this is easily resolved by dabbing the fresh markings with a tissue to remove excess ink, waiting a few seconds to let it dry a little and then rub it until the mark is no longer distinguishable. Testing with a UV light will reveal the mark. It's recommended to practice the procedure a few times on something you don't intend to security mark first to learn how much pressure to use to gain best results.  



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