pens and markers
Need to label your boxes? You'll need pens and markers! View our range here.

  • Black Permanent Marker Black Permanent Marker

    Black Permanent Marker

    Bullet Tip Permanent and indelible Xylene Free Waterproof Effortlessly make your mark on more than just paper! This robust black marker is equipped with long-lasting ink that can be used on an array of surfaces, from plastic and wood to metal and even your cardboard boxes when you're packing up your house! Label all of your boxes with a black permanent marker to keep your moving process organized and stress-free! No more hours wasted trying to guess which box contains what— expertly label your boxes and enjoy the convenience. With a low odour and quick-drying ink, these markers are also Xylene- and Toluene-Free. Perfect for art projects, presentations, and more, they'll leave behind a crisp, long-lasting impression without those harsh chemical odors. The substantial barrel offers a secure hold, allowing for improved precision and comfort. With a bullet tip, these markers provide a consistent-width line suitable for handwriting. You can be sure of precise and neat handwriting - the perfect addition to any project!



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