Furniture Covers

Furniture Covers
Whether you’re moving home or renovating your property, our furniture covers are ideal, ensuring your items are kept dirt-free and dry during transit or in storage. Made of biodegradable plastic. Choose from Chair, 2-Seat Sofa or 3-Seat Sofa covers.

  • transit blanket Furniture Removal Blanket 2000mm x 1500mm

    Furniture Removal Blanket 2000mm x 1500mm

    Size: 2000mm x 1500mm / 80" x 60" Weight: 330g/m2 / each blanket weighs 1kg Pack Size: 1 blanket Colour of blanket may vary*   Removal blankets are usually used in the back of removal vehicles and are used to wrap items of furniture to prevent the furniture from being knocked and rubbed together during transportation. They are an excellent, and probably the best way, to protect your furniture while in transit. These blankets are made from recycled wool and are overstitched for extra density. They are excellent for protecting highly polished surfaces like the tops of coffee tables, sideboards, dining tables, large televisions and canvas paintings, as well as large/long pieces of furniture. The high density of the transit blankets means that it will easily protect against knocks and scratches.    


  • Clear Pallet Wrap Clear Pallet Wrap

    Clear Pallet Wrap

    Size: 400mm x 250 metres Type: 17 microns (industrial standard!) Extended Core for ease of use   Ideal for wrapping non-fragile items when moving house! When transporting goods/possessions, they need to be packed efficiently and securely. Pallet wrap is the most efficient and secure method of keeping multiple non-fragile items together. Our pallet wrap has high levels of elasticity and cling - elasticity will keep the goods tight and secure in transit; cling allows the film to adhere to itself so that it doesn't come loose or open during transit. Pallet wrap is used extensively in industry as it is so easy to use, and items are kept secure. Why not try it yourself?!   For larger quantities, please contact us!   Manufactured by Thermic Recycling. Suitable for Recycling  



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