Change of Address: Who to Tell You're Moving?

Change of Address: Who to Tell You're Moving?

, by Maeve Reidy, 6 min reading time

You’ve made the decision to move house. Now it’s time to let everyone know! But who exactly should you tell about your move?

Change of Address Checklist

When you move house, you’ll need to inform many people about your change of address. This ranges from your family to your employer, and from your children’s schools to your bank.

Below is a change of address checklist, with the list of people broken up into different categories for easier sorting.



Personal Friends: Let your friends know that you’ll be moving house so that they know what’s new in your life! Especially if you’re moving far away, your friends deserve to know that you’re relocating to a new home.

Family: Letting your family know is something we all know to do. Even though it’s quite an obvious addition to this list, it never hurts to be thorough!



Employer: Your employer should know of your impending move because they’ll need to update your contact information. Also, your company will need to know your new address for your payroll and pension scheme.

Revenue: Inform Revenue about your change of address. Updating your address will affect your information on income tax, pensions, tax credits, and child benefits.

Social Insurance: You’ll need your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) to be up to date since Revenue and your company uses it to identify you. You’ll need your PPSN ready to make the change.


Local Authorities

Electoral Roll: Re-register on the electoral roll of your new area. Go to the government website for registering to vote to go through the process and update your address.

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection: If you receive money from the government, you will have to inform them of your new address as well. You can make the change either online or by the phone—information can be found here.



TV Licence: Be sure to update your information on the TV Licensing site. When you move to your new house, your TV licence will no longer valid unless you do so. You can complete the change up to 3 months in advance.

Telephone: Let your phone company know that you’ll be moving and they’ll give you a new phone number, or you may wish to take your phone number with you. For your mobile phone, update your contact details so the company can send the bill to the right place.

Internet: Inform your internet company about your new address, and arrange for broadband in your new home. Keep in mind that this could be a good time to look for a better deal, either with your current company or with others.


Electricity: Allow enough time to update your information with your electricity provider since it could take a few days to go through. Be aware that some companies charge a fee to end your account early or move the deal to your new property.

Gas: Similar to your electricity, you need to inform the company well in advance of your moving day. On the actual day, take a reading of your gas and electricity meter so that you can make sure that you won’t be overcharged. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to shop around for a better deal!

Water: You should let your water provider know the exact date that you’ll be moving to ensure that you won’t be using water once you’ve moved.


Schools: If your children will continue to attend their current schools, you’ll need to inform them of your move. This is so that they can update your contact information in their systems. In order to make moving with kids easy and stress-free, you’ll need to keep their schools up to date as well.

University: In order to send you the necessary correspondences and tuition fees, universities need to know your address. If you or your family members will continue to attend these universities, update your change of address sooner rather than later.

Medical / Healthcare:

Once you move, you might have to start seeing new healthcare professionals. Because of this, your old doctor will need to pass on your medical and prescription information to your new one.

These are some of the medical professionals you need to inform:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Your Child’s Pediatrician
  • Your Pet’s Vet


Road Safety Authority: You need to tell the Road Safety Authority (RSA) that you’ve changed address. This is so that your driving licence, vehicle log book, and vehicle tax are up to date. You can do so through their website.

Vehicle Insurance: In order to keep your insurance valid, you’ll need to give your provider your new address as well. This is so that insurance payments are sent to the right place as well as an up to date contact in case of accidents. For most companies, you can make the change online or by phone.

Other Insurance: Unfortunately, most companies take into account your postcode in determining your premium and insurance costs. However, this depends on the type of insurance policy. You’ll need to contact each of your insurance providers and let them know of your impending move.

  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pet Insurance



Banks: Inform your bank about your move as close to your set date as you can. This is important because banks use your place of residence to prove your identity—if you forget to inform them, you could be at risk of identity theft.

Pension: If you receive a pension, make sure to update your information, regardless of whether you receive it from a private company or the government.

Loan Companies: Any companies that you have taken loans out with will need to know about your new address. Contact them via phone or email to make the change.

Credit / Debit Card Companies: Your credit and debit card companies will also need to know about your change of address. Not only is this for payments, but because often these companies use your address to help confirm your identity.


Recreational Facilities / Clubs: If you’re moving further away, you’ll need to cancel any subscriptions to facilities or clubs. Either make a quick call or do so in person when you make your last visit. These include: Gyms, Clubs, Societies & Associations

Other Subscriptions: Any postal subscriptions you have will also need to be either cancelled or updated. This include: Newspapers & Magazines Subscriptions


Home Related Services: As long as you don’t move too far away, you should be able to keep hiring the services you currently use. Just inform them of your new place. However, if you’re moving further away, let them know that you’ll be cancelling their services. Some services that you might be using are: Cleaning Home Maintenance Gardener Accountant Solicitor

Post: Even though you might have done everything you could to make sure all mail will arrive at your new place, sometimes things fall through the cracks. To avoid this and to ensure that you receive all pieces of mail, redirect your post. This means that any mail sent to your old address will automatically be redirected to your new place. You can set this temporary solution up to 3 months in advance.

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