Practical Tips for Moving In Together

Practical Tips for Moving In Together

, by Maeve Reidy, 6 min reading time

So you’ve decided to move in together. How exciting!

You have the basics all sorted (like expectations, finances, responsibilities etc) so now it’s time to look at what you actually need to move … and whether you’ll have the space for it …

Parting with some of your cherished possessions may be difficult, but unless you can afford a spacious new home, you’ll probably have limited space and will have to make a few sacrifices in order to fit both of your lives in it.

Here is a brief checklist for couples moving in together that will help you make the “purging process” easier, better organised, more efficient, and less dramatic:

Inventory your items – go through your belongings and note down the type, condition, and value of every item you possess. Mark any damaged, outdated, or worn out items, as well as everything you don’t like or aren’t interested in anymore. Make a special note of valuables and treasured belongings that you don’t want to part with; but it is definitely worth rethinking whether you want to bring something that your ex bought you, or gives you fond memories of your ex … don’t forget they’re an Ex for a reason and does your Now really want reminders of your past romances?!

Compare your inventory list with your partner’s and mark any duplicates;

Measure your new space and your larger household items to see which of them will fit in.

Take a good look at your duplicate items and decide whether to keep yours or your partner’s – make sure you keep the one that:

  • fits better into your new home;
  • is in better overall condition;
  • is higher quality;
  • has greater monetary value.

Decide if you need to buy any new furniture, appliances, or other larger household items for your new place. Go shopping together and choose items you both like.

Pare down your possessions – When you know which of your old items will be needed in your new place, it’s time to purge the rest of your belongings – get rid of everything you marked as damaged, outdated, or unwanted in your inventory list, clothes and shoes that don’t fit (as well as ones that you haven’t worn in over a year), anything you won’t need or won’t be able to use in your new surroundings (because of a different climate, different lifestyle, different type of dwelling, etc.), old documents, old newspapers and magazines, old CDs and DVDs, and any specialty equipment and hobby items you no longer use;

Set aside sentimental items, family heirlooms, and other treasured possessions of yours that have no practical value but you don’t want to part with. Discuss the matter with your partner and look for a solution together – maybe you can add shelves to use the vertical space of your home, buy a larger wardrobe to accommodate more clothes, rent a storage unit, etc. It’s important that both of you show respect to the other person’s emotional attachment to their stuff, even if something appears to be weird, ugly, or worthless;

Make the final decision on what to keep and what to sell, donate, or throw away together;

Get rid of the items you’re not taking to your new home before the move. If you want to sell any of your old belongings, make sure you list them on eBay or other appropriate sites as early as possible to increase the chances they’ll get sold before Moving Day.

Pack the items you’re moving to your new place with utmost care. We can highly recommend Box Depot for all your packaging supplies! LOL!

When wondering what to keep and what to let go of, keep in mind that the more items you decide to keep, the more expensive and more difficult the actual moving process will be.

How to Move in Together

Now that all the important decisions are made, you need to organize the actual relocation. You can do a self-move or hire a moving company, depending on the specific circumstances in your case and your personal preferences.

If one of you is moving to the other partner’s place and it’s just a few streets away, you can do it yourself – pack your items, rent a small moving van or ask a friend who has a van, and ask several pals to help you with the heavy lifting. There won’t be many things to relocate and the distance will be short, so you should be able to complete the move quickly, safely, and efficiently. If you’re not up to the task, you can hire local movers to do the job for you, of course.

If you’re moving to a new home (and especially if it’s far away), professional movers are your best bet. The experts will be able to coordinate the move (your items will have to be picked up from two different locations), ensure the safety of your belongings, and deliver them to your new place in a fast and efficient manner. They have the specialised equipment, expert skills, and experience necessary to perform your move in the smoothest and safest way possible.

The best advice for couples moving in together is to do everything together.

Two can make it work!

Hiring professionals can save you a lot of time, hassle, and stress and will ensure your peace of mind and the success of your relocation – you’ll be able to focus on your relationship and your future life together without worrying about packing, loading/unloading, and transporting your belongings.

If you do choose to use professionals, make sure you choose reliable, experienced, and affordable movers to work with – ask for recommendations, read moving reviews, fill in a moving quote to get in contact with several reputable companies in your area, request in-house estimates, interview the movers, discuss the details of your relocation with them, compare the offers you receive, and choose the best relocation partners for you. Be careful to avoid moving scams and fraudulent attempts.

Final Moving In Together Advice

Once you’re in your shared home, make it feel like home for both of you – unpack together, set up the place so that it is comfortable and attractive for both of you, stock up on everyday necessities, add texture and character to the space (curtains, rugs, artwork, etc.), hang your favourite pictures and photos on the walls, find appropriate spots for special items, surround yourself with your favourite things, cook your favourite meals, engage in your favourite activities, and fill the home with laughter, music, and love.

Make sure you both have a space (even if it’s just a small corner) to call your own – a personal haven within your shared paradise.

From choosing an appropriate new home and blending your stuff and lives in one space to dividing financial responsibilities and performing the actual relocation, moving in together takes a lot of planning, coordination, commitment, and mutual trust. It poses great challenges and offers great benefits – navigating the tricky waters of cohabitation isn’t easy, but when successful, it results in a harmonious life full of warmth, happiness, and love.


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