How to protect a Mattress during a House Move

How to protect a Mattress during a House Move

, by Maeve Reidy, 5 min reading time

You're moving house! And because you love the mattress you have, you're moving that too! But there's a few things you should know about first ...

You’re moving house!

You may have decided to go “all new” and get a new mattress while you’re it (mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years anyway)

Or perhaps you love your current mattress and intend to bring it with you to your new place!

Here’s some tips on how to protect your mattress from dust, grime and that unidentifiable stain that you’ve no idea where it came from, and have no desire to let your mattress and it’s dodgy stain anywhere near your new place!


Do You Really Need A Mattress Bag?

When moving your mattress to another location, yes, definitely use a mattress bag. I suppose you can use other materials like builders plastic or taped-together bin bags, but it’s far less effective than a mattress bag. If you are just moving from room to room (for example if you are just redecorating), there’s no need really for any protection. But if you are using a moving company or rental van, mattress bags are essential. These vans are typically dirty (how do you know the rental van you have wasn’t used to transport a few bags of coal?!) so mattress bags will keep your mattresses from getting dirty during the move.

What You will Need:

Only use sealing tape. Many other styles of tape will not stick correctly to the bag. Make sure the tape you use is strong enough to stick to the bag…Duct tape and masking tape do not work. Clear sealing tape is best.

Step by Step Instructions for Protecting Your Mattress

  • Stand your mattress up vertically against a wall (so that the end of the mattress you have your pillows on is, almost, eye-to-eye with you!)
  • Open your mattress bag and pull it over the top of the mattress and work your way down so the bag covers the mattress.
  • Take the mattress off the wall and lay it on its side.
  • Push the mattress all the way to the bottom of the bag.
  • Pinch any excess bag material on the side and fold it over the side of the mattress and tape it down with some tape.
  • Tape the bag shut like you’re wrapping a present, and use extra tape to seal the opening. You can also tape all the way around the mattress to ensure it is closed all the way around.

What Size Mattress Bag to Use?

Moving house is stressful. Often, all logic goes out the window, and panic, stress and anxiety take over!

Here at Box Depot, we get all sorts of queries and questions, and there one thing we always keep in mind:

There Is No Such Thing as a Silly Question!

So therefore, there are simple guidelines as to which mattress bag you should use:

All our Mattress Bags have a generous expandable gusset, so you won’t end up with trapped fingers trying to get it onto your mattress! You will also find measurements on our listing if you need to be doubly-doubly sure!

How Do You Physically Move A Mattress?

The best (and most safe!) way to move a mattress is with at least two people. Some mattresses won’t have handles, so you may find it a bit hard to get a grip on the mattress.

Here’s what to do:

Get a furniture blanket or bedsheet and fold it in half several times the same way until you get a piece that’s about a foot and a half in width and several feet long (think long and skinny!). Place the mattress on its side horizontally on top of the fabric and use the fabric to lift the mattress with one person on each side.

The sheet is there for something to grab on to and should keep the mattress in a sort of a “hammock” to safely and effectively move it from one place to another.

You can place the mattress on it’s side or vertical in the moving truck, ideally against the wall of the van or up against a tier of boxes. This is fine if you are moving from Place A to Place B within a couple of hours. However if you are putting your mattress into storage, there’s a few additional things you need to keep in mind …

How To Protect A Mattress In Storage?

When keeping your mattress in storage, many mattress companies say to store it flat, rather than upright. Storing it upright for a length of time can apparently wear out the mattress in a way that it’s not meant to be worn (perhaps mattress manufacturers will have an explanation why!) So, if you’re moving it into storage, you may want to move your mattress into the storage room last, and place it flat on top of some flat pieces of furniture.

protect your mattress when moving house


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