10 x Plain White Labels 150mm x 110mm

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Plain White Labels


  • 110mm x 150mm

  • Perfect for labelling your boxes for moving!

  • 10 labels per pack


Save time and stress less!

Without exception, pretty much every moving house guide or packing guide will tell you to label your boxes when moving! And it's good advice too ... it's all very well knowing that you've packed up your kitchen and have all the boxes stacked against the wall. But what happens when you get to your new home? And your "kitchen" boxes somehow end up in the bedroom?! It's not an understatement to say it could take days to find a particular item you need when you are faced with 20+ boxes with no identification whatsoever on them!


These plain white labels are a great solution. They are large enough to be useful when handwriting on them. And the strong adhesive backing means that they will stay on the box that they identify!

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Room Labels

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