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Recycled Boxes ... and why you should use them!

Here at Box Depot we sell recycled cardboard boxes.

Many people assume that "used boxes" or "recycled boxes" are those piles of boxes you see outside shops of an evening, waiting on the binman to collect.

But it takes a lot for those boxes to have got into that state ...

Shiny New Boxes!

So anybody paying attention in school will know that cardboard boxes come from trees. It'd be nice to think that Coillte have some farmers who grow trees that, instead of flower, have boxes on them! In truth, one of the main components of cardboard is wood pult. Which means, in essence, that in order to get cardboard boxes, you have to go chopping down trees. In actual fact, it takes over 4,000kW of energy, approximately 17 fully grown, mature trees, over 27,000 litres of water and approximately 360 litres of oil to produce just ONE TON of cardboard!

Trees weren't put on this planet because God was bored one day ... they make a necessary and valuable contribution to the air we breathe, which is why so many environmental groups are so vocal about trees being chopping down!

Recycled Boxes

The boxes that we offer at Box Depot are classified as "used". Some of them wiill be brand new, made especially for a company that has sadly gone out of business; or the project that they intended using them for never happened. Other boxes will have been used by Company A to send products to Company B. Company B have got and used those products and they now have all these leftoever boxes. Anybody whi has tried putting cardboard into their Green Bin will know how much space they can take up! So instead, we buy them and sort them. The boxes have usually been used for light industrial requirements: transporting bottle tops etc. Quite often there will be very little wear and tear on the boxes - so much so that they could almost be a brand new box! But we know they're not, so we classify them all as "used".

It is pot luck whether the boxes we sell are plain or have some sort of logo on them. We are blessed that our customers just want a box for moving house or decluttering etc and have no problem with this! Quite often, if the boxes have been used, there will be some tape on them, or possibly a label. But we try to ensure they are as clean as possible. In any case, we take a photo of the actual box that we sell which you can see in the photo gallery of each listing - we understand that measurements are helpful, so as well as the more precise millimetre measurements, we also provide approximate inch measurements - but a picture can speak a thousand words!

Inevitably we also get different sized boxes ont eh pallets of boxes we take in. By the time we have them all sorted and counted, there are sometimes small quantities of boxes where there are too few to put in our main Boxes Category. In these cases, they take pride of place in our Special Offers Corner! There might be just one box in that size, or there might be ten ... it all depends really. But we are adamant that we don't bin a box just because it looks a little lonely!

A lot of our customers use our boxes for moving house. We also stock an ever-expanding range of house-moving accessories to make moving house that little bot easier. And we are extremely roud of our range of House Moving Kits which incorporate various sizes of boxes as well as tape etc ... everything we hope that we make house moving that little bot easier!

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