Advantages of using Used Cardboard Boxes

Here at Box Depot we love our once-used recycled boxes ... but there's quite a few advantages to using Used Cardboard Boxes!

Good for the Environment

Most waste cardboard is baled and shipped to the UK or the Far East to be recycled into fresh cardboard and then re-exported to Ireland to be made into boxes. Thus it's Carbon Miles are a lot more than you would realise.


These boxes are far less expensive than buying brand new, and in terms of quality, are usually of a stronger grade than you can buy off the shelf at a DIY/Homewares store.

Good for the Environment

For each 1 Tonne of Cardboard that is reused, we can save 17 Trees, 4100kW of Energy, 27,000 litres of Water, and 360 litres of Oil. This substantially reduces the impact on our natural resources.

If you have a regular supply of used cardboard boxes that you can't repurposes, just give us a call ... we may be able to buy then from you, saving you having to pay to dispose of your boxes while also making money from them!

Used Cardboard Boxes

Good for the Environment

And your Pocket!

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