• silica desiccant bags
silica desiccant bags

Silica Desiccant - 10g bags (10 per pack)

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Silica Desiccant


  • 10g pouches - 10 per pack

Silica Desiccant has the capacity to absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere without damaging other items.

Moisture in the atmosphere and adverse weather conditions can cause transit damage to items should they not be packed well enough. Items that are parcicularly susceptable to aesthetic moisture damage include optical equipment, electrical goods and clothing, especially leather goods.

The addition of a desiccant - such as this silica - to your packed goods can help maintain the high quality of your items, whether in transit for a short while, or placed in storage.

Silica gel absorbs unwanted moisture from parcels before it has a chance to impact the goods within with rust, corrosion, or mould damage.

Our Silica Desiccant is supplied in a vacuum-packed clear bag. Do not open the individual white bags of silica - simply place them with the items you wish to protect.

Do not eat this product - seek medical assistance if ingested


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