• Fragile Labels
  • fragile labels on a roll
Fragile Labels

10 x Fragile Labels

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Fragile Labels


  • 50mm x 75mm
  • 10 labels on a roll

Fragile labels can be a vital part of moving, shipping or storing your valuables. The labels have a superior adhesive glue to ensure the label remains stuck right through any shipping, handling, or any temperature changes. The labels are also weather-resistant, and can withstand moderate exposure to water, heat and condensation.

The labels, themselves, are very easy to apply by simply peeling them from their backing and applying to your box or package.

Strong adhesive backing ensures that label will stick to what it is stuck to.

These labels, printed 'Fragile' in white text on a red background, gives a visible instruction to handlers, carriers and customers to be careful with the parcel's contents. The traditional bright colour combined with the bold text is a universally recognised design.

No matter how many labels you apply to your box or package, please remember that a Fragile label is not a substitute for careful protective packaging!


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