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Cedar Moth Repellent (10 per pack)

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Cedar Moth Repellent


  • 10 per pack

Cedar wood is an amazing natural insect repellent which is perfect for preventing moths, as well as providing a wonderfully uplifting woody aroma that fills your home and wardrobe instantly!

The natural oils in cedar wood contain compounds that repel insects, including the clothes moth. Historically, cedarwood chests were built and used to store valuable objects and protect out-of-season clothing and blankets. It was known that cedarwood deterred insects and moths, while keeping textiles smelling fresh and fragrant.

Our cedar moth repellent "flowers" are a completely natural and safe alternative to using mothballs, which are known to contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and pets. The unique design means that they can be hung unobtrusively on a hanger with your clothes, as well as placed in clothing drawers.

Just like perfume, cedar oils can fade and become less potent over time. Cedarwood moth repellents last approximately six months. To maintain their effectiveness, simply renew the aroma by sanding the wood lightly with sandpaper.

You will receive 10 cedar moth repellent units, supplied in a small muslin storage bag.


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